Healthpreneur – Juma Iraki podcast

This is episode 65 of the Healthpreneur Podcast, and today we are going to be talking with Juma Iraki! Juma is the owner and operator of Iraki Nutrition, a sports nutritionist, and business consultant for the top supplement company in Norway. He’s the head Sports Nutritionist for the National Judo Federation of Norway and a die-hard soccer fanatic.

In addition to helping people through his speaking, consulting, and counseling, Juma has an incredible story that is sure to inspire anyone who knows what it feels like to hit rock bottom. Despite the hurdles he’s lept to get to where he is today, Juma has structured his life in a way that allows for his top priorities to stay top of mind.

If you think this episode may not be for you—think again. Juma gives excellent insight on struggles that face ALL Healthpreneurs, including time management, prioritizing, automation, and cold, hard grit. I you’ve ever felt overwhelmed because your to-do list wasn’t getting any smaller or you haven’t spent enough time with your kids, tune in. The nuggets of wisdom in this episode are truly inspiring and immediately actionable.

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